Yuuka Kawakita; 川北 友果

Sumiko MOTOYAMA; 本山 すみ子

Toshiki UCHIDA; 内田 敏樹

Other Artisans;他のとんぼ玉作家

General Lampwork Beads;一般的とんぼ玉

Flower Package for Selected Beads; 花パッケージ

Antique Lampwork Beads (B.C.) ; 紀元前からのとんぼ玉(展示中)

Beads For Men;


About Lampwork Beads

The origin of lampwork beads are estimated to be in Egypt around the 30th C. B.C., and it has spread all over the world.  It has grown under the unique culture in  each country.   
So we can find unique lampwork beads in various countries.  There are not many other items like this.

Today, in Japan, artisans having “Takumi”‘s techniques have created more intricate and mysterious lampwork beads with utilizing their outstanding layer technique.  Each bead produced as described above is one and only in the world.
komorebi, Harajuku, Tokyo, believes that these special lampwork beads can be  valued collections or/and valued gifts to delight people beyond sex, age and country.
Comparison between Japanese lampwork beads and others might be enjoyable.  




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