Edo Kiriko;  江戸切子

Hakone Yosegi Zaiku (Mosaic Crafts);  箱根寄木細工

Urushi Lacquered Crafts;  漆器

As well as lampwork beads and the items related ( Display Stand, Starter Kit, etc.), komorebi deals with “Modern Traditional Crafts” for daily use such as Edo Kiriko, Hakone Yosegi Zaiku (Mosaic Crafts) Urushi Lacquered Crafts, etc. These are the handiwork by “Takumi” artisans who have the techniques of traditional Japanese crafts. Each of these items is also a unique piece that has no identical ones.

Many of the pieces on display are the unique handiworks of artisans, please understand that they are sold as they are. Thank you for your patience if the items shown on the website might not be found in the shop.