Trial of MIZUHIKI, Japanese Traditional String Works

Lesson of MIZUHIKI, Japanese Traditional String Works (in Japanese

(A) Trial lesson making Chopsticks Rest

(B) Advanced cource 1 : Traditional Money Gift Envelop

(C) Advanced cource 2:  Handmade Earring


* You can buy following handmade supporting goods at the komorebi  as Japnese Strings (pupular 20colors) , Washi (Japanese Papers), Trial kit for making Lampwork Beads.

(A) Trial lesson making Chopsticks Rest

Mizuhiki is like a strap made from Japanese paper and has been used as a decorative string for gifts since Muromachi era.  It is a little different from wrapping and ribbons in the West, it is used in the meaning of sealing that it is unopened, amulets, and the meaning of connecting people and people.
Now you can enjoy the trial of the handmade Mizuhikizaiku (Japanese String Works) .  Welcome to participate the trial!! (need reservation)

Lesson Schedule:

Schedule: 13:00 or 16:00 (1hour) on Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Participants:   2 persons in each class
Payment: 1,530JPY/ person (incl. consumption TAX)
Place: komorebi Harajuku, Tokyo

You would choose 5strings and make a chopsticks rest with a basic method of tying.  With an option part, it would make a barrette.

You would take home:

  •  a finished chopsticks rest you made
  • five more strings to make the same one at home
  • a certificate with the date and your name


1. Activity Japan(←click), or

2. komorebi  (←click)

Advanced course-Handmade Envelope(←click)

(B) Advanced cource 1 : Traditional Money Gift Envelop

If you’ve already experienced Japanese String Works and mastered Awaji-musubi tie, how about trying handmade gift money envelope? We provide two types, both of which can be applied to other gift wrappings.

Type A. “Awaji Bloom” is traditional and authentic, while Type B.”Peony”, inspired by old lucky motif is relatively casual.  (need reservation)

Type A

Both types includes an inner envelope and two pieces of paper strip to write your name.  The Washi paper and small stamp to put on the envelope may differ from the above photos.  The colors may look different by display.

Lesson Schedule:

14:00 (2hours) on Fri. and Sat.

Place: komorebi Harajuku, Tokyo
Participants: 2people in each class
Payment: 2,550JPY/ person (incl. consumption TAX)

Activity Japan(←click)

This is a program for those who have experience of Japanese string works .


(C) Advanced cource 2:  Handmade Earring

For  details and booking:  ActivityJapan(←click) 

The handmade earring course was interoduced on the following magazines.

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